Why a Power Box?

Our fully self-contained stand-alone Power Boxes are simple and fast to install, relocatable, have flexible production & storage options and feature remote monitoring. Our expanding range is designed to accommodate all requirements including: remote communities, mining, commercial, industrial, agriculture, aquaculture, pumping stations, water purification, silent generation, night works, events and noise sensitive areas where a reliable power supply is required.

At present we have three classes of Power Boxes, ranging from light fixed setups, to portable silent generators, to fully self-contained sea container variants with inbuilt diesel generation for back up.

Our Power Boxes have been designed to provide a clean and green energy solution. They allow for power generation at marginal cost, removing the reliance on diesel fuel or grid connection.

For areas reliant on diesel-fuelled power generation, a Power Box provides improved power security by reducing the impact of seasonal weather on fuel delivery, allowing for a more reliable and consistent power source .

  • Fuel Free Power Generation
  • Little to No Ongoing Running Costs
  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring Capabality
  • Fully Self-Contained
  • Silent Power
  • Expandable Power Capacity
  • Easily Transported
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Non-toxic


Our rapidly deployable, renewable, remote power stations can cater for almost any small to medium application you can think of.

Remote Communities

Non-toxic, low cost energy production for future generations

Mining / Commercial / Industrial Operations

Significantly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions with green energy

Agriculture / Aquaculture

Reliable and sustainable remote power for all your agricultural needs large or small

Food Preservation

45% of fresh food in third world countries go to waste due to inadequate refrigeration

Water Improvement

844M people live without access to safe water – convert salty or brackish water into clean, drinking water.

Emergency and Community Events

Rapidly deployable and ultra-fast charging mobile power solution with no toxic emissions

A Class Power Box

The A Class Power Box was born from demand from our commercial clients who wanted to have reliable and sustainable remote power to run relatively light loads of up to 1kW, without the constant maintenance and refueling issues of usually oversized and noisy fuel generated power options.

B Class Power Box

The B Class Power Box is an ultra-fast rechargeable portable generator that can be trailer, ute or light truck mounted and is designed for on-site emergency power where rapid deployment is critical. This unique unit has been designed to make the most of high-quality componentry, latest battery technology and flexible green power for loads up to 30kWhr and battery storage of 40kWhr.

C Class Power Box

The C Class Power Box is a fully self-contained stand-alone power station that comprises all the components of an off-grid solar system. All the components are housed in a 20-foot shipping container with backup diesel-generation and a solar array that can be container mounted or ground mounted. The C Class Power Box has a variety of storage options from 10 – 448kWhrs.

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