We are a group of dedicated and skilled individuals who share a common passion for living “off-grid”. It’s through our experiences and understandings that we founded Positive Off-Grid Solutions to assist others on their path to energy accumulation, storage and ultimately freedom.

Key Products & services

We source and supply high quality components and technology to achieve the highest return on investment for your application.

Off-Grid Kits & Parts

We design and supply a range of off-grid kits and components  to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Lithium Batteries

Our lithium LTO batteries have a faster charge and longer life than any other on the market.

Electric Buses

We are Australian dealers for YLE—the world’s leading electric bus manufacturer.

Positive Off-Grid Solutions is a company and was born out of the desire to provide a level of service that is filled with passion for the creation of a sustainable world.


We have designed all of our PowerBoxes to be resilient for the most harshest conditions to maintain reliability, and ensure that maximum financial payback is multiplied for the longterm

Positive Off-Grid Solutions designs and builds a range of PowerBoxes to suit your many and varied needs.

From remote village communities to supplying basic remote power for key infrastructure, our power solutions utilise quality components for reliability and are assembled by our experienced staff, ready for use.

A-Class Model

An easily installed off-grid remote power system for small loads such as remote gates, security, internet repeaters, irrigation controllers, pond/dam aerators and dosage pumps.

B-Class Model

Rapidly deployable silent generator perfect for emergency response power systems and events.

C-Class Model

Containerised all in one, relocatable power for remote industry and communities.

Commercial & Industrial

Reduce both costs and risk by adopting one of our commercial solar systems for your business or commercial property. We have many options to assist reducing your running costs and achieve a higher profitability for your venture.


Speak to us about how we can work to solve your unique issues, from small scale remote power to full hybrid solar-storage-diesel hybrid power generation.

Fuel Cells

Hydrogen production and storage facilities for any application. The most environmentally friendly option.

Solar Farms

We develop solar farms for farmers and land holders who wish to unlock extra revenue from their…

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Positive Talk

Speak to us today about your energy requirements and how we can help. We offer real solutions that enable you to achieve your off-grid aspirations.

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